New single released by Slipknot: Unsainted

16-May-2019: ‘Unsainted’, single by Slipknot
Record Label: Roadrunner Records.
Slipknot’s eleventh single was just released on the label Roadrunner Records and can be streamed on Spotify. The single has no rating on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular (or just to soon to tell).

This image depicts Slipknot
Image of Slipknot

Since Slipknot began creating music in 1995 back in Des Moines in United States of America, they have released a bunch of albums (thirteen in total) and eleven singles. Slipknot’s previous album ‘.5: The Gray Chapter (Special Edition)’ from October 2014 was quite popular and well received. Some of Slipknot’s best tracks include Duality, Before I Forget and All Out Life.
Slipknot has 2,058,798 followers on Twitter, an impressive amount that speaks to theirSlipknot’s popularity.
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Album cover for Slipknot%27s new single: Unsainted
Album cover for Slipknot’s new single: Unsainted

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