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Tuesday Jun 04, 2019
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31% discounted: Eminem – AKA

Save 31 percent on this deal, you pay $5.50 (you save $2.49)
Save 31 percent on this deal, you pay $5.50 (you save $2.49)
Other films have been made about him, but none have
even begun to scratch the surface of what drives
this amazing talent. Now, from the producers of
Welcome to Death Row, comes the film that cuts
through the speculation. Featuring extensive interviews
with his friends, family and others who knew
him in his formative years, here at last is the real 8-Mile!
Using borrowed money, rapper Eminem recorded and released his 1996 debut Infinite. A year later, Dr. Dre learned of him
through a demo acquired by Interscope Records chief Jimmy Iovine.
Using his new Slim Shady persona, Eminem would take second place in the freestyle category at 1997’s Rap Olympics in
Los Angeles. This was impressive enough for Dr. Dre, who signed the white rapper and released The Slim Shady LP in early 1999.
Selling over a million copies before year’s end and landing at #1, Eminem’s future was assured.
With his turbulent personal life, powder-keg temper and tendency to tangle with the law, it is still uncertain how long his career will
last before he burns out, but it’s already obvious that his music has made history and will long outlast any controversy that dogs him.
Discount:31 percent (save $2.49)you pay just $5.50
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