Hollywood Vampires’s new single is available on Spotify

17-May-2019: ‘The Boogieman Surprise’, single by Hollywood Vampires
Released on Label: earMUSIC.
Hollywood Vampires’s sixth single was just released on label earMUSIC and can be streamed on Spotify. While the single is getting some plays on Last.FM, it has not yet taken of big time.

Album cover for Hollywood Vampires%27s new single: The Boogieman Surprise
Album cover for Hollywood Vampires’s new single: The Boogieman Surprise

Since Hollywood Vampires began creating music in 2015 back in Los Angeles in United States of America, they have released four albums and six singles. Hollywood Vampires’s previous self-titled album ‘Hollywood Vampires’ from September 2015 was quite popular and well received. Hollywood Vampires is mostly associated with the tracks Who’s Laughing Now, School’s Out/Another Brick In The Wall and Whole Lotta Love.
Hollywood Vampires consists of Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and Alice Cooper. Hollywood Vampires has a good amount of followers on Twitter, currently topping out at 43,994.
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photo of Hollywood Vampires
Hollywood Vampires

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