The 33rd single ‘Foreign Sheets (feat. Lil Keed & Lil Yachty)’, by Nessly just out

29-May-2019: ‘Foreign Sheets (feat. Lil Keed & Lil Yachty)’, single by Nessly
Released on Label: 24 Karat Sound.
The thirty-third single by Nessly is named ‘Foreign Sheets (feat. Lil Keed & Lil Yachty)’ and was just released on label 24 Karat Sound and is now available on Spotify. While the single is getting some plays on Last.FM, it has not yet taken of big time.

Since Nessly began making music they have released four albums and thirty-three singles. Nessly’s previous album ‘Solo Boy Band’ from December 2016 was quite popular and well received. Nessly is probably most known for the tracks Moon Love, WHOHASIT and Make It Right.
Take a listen on Spotify

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